• L'Habitation à bon marché, collection Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience Antwerp

Digitizing Belgian architectural periodicals

In 2013 the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, in collaboration with the Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives and the Ghent University Library, submitted a project with the Fonds Baillet Latour. This Fund annually rewards projects contributing to the preservation, restauration and revaluation of important elements of Belgian moveable heritage of international importance. It closely collaborates with the King Baudouin Foundation, itself having been active for more than twenty years in the field of restoration and reavluation of heritage.

In the project proposal, the partners outlined the digitization of Belgian architectural periodicals having appeared prior to the Second World War. The choice of the periodicals was determined by their architectural historical importance and the presence of complete holdings in the collection of the partner libraries: BâtirL'ÉmulationL'Habitation à bon marché and L'Ossature métallique. Bâtir is the first to be made available online.

In November 2013 the project proposal was rewarded. Henceforth, steps could be taken towards the practical execution of the project.

The different phases and choices of the project are outlined on the CVAa-webpages www.architectuurtijdschriften.be (in Dutch). Read more