Privacy policy & legal info

Privacy policy

Personal data

In certain applications of our website the Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives asks you to fill in some data. The Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives does not pass this information on to third parties, unless we are obliged to do so by a competent public body. The information is used only in relation to our services. We will never contact you for anything that is out of the context of those services.

The purpose of processing personal data

If you give us your personal data, we will insert them in our files and process them:

  • for the administration of our contacts, the website and (improving) our services.
  • to perform market studies and enquiries.
  • to inform you about updates and products or activities organised by the Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives.

Your rights

For more general information you can contact the Commission for the Protection of Privacy at Ministerie van Justitie, 115 Waterloolaan in Brussels (1000).

Supervision of your private communication

The Centre for Flemish Architectural Archives reserves the right to examine the information in the emails we receive - for instance the content, the source and the destination - and to investigate if we suspect that the message or part of the communication relates to illegal activities, or if the CVAa has been given that instruction by the competent authorities. Unless ordered by the competent authorities, this examination can only be performed on the messages on a public or non private matter, e.g. the information that can be found.

Legal information

The CVAa reserves the right to decide what information is published on the website and in the newsletter.

Copyright and content

Texts, lay out, images, scripts and other items on this website are protected under copyright law and other legislation on intellectual property. Copies, adjustments, translations, revisions, alteration of this website or part of it, in whatever form they may occur, are explicitly forbidden. Every violation can lead to prosecution.

External information

The CVAa isn't liable or responsible for the content or other properties of websites or web pages it has no control over, especially the sites and pages that can be found in the links section.