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  • (c) Karin Borghouts

Architectural journals project

Journals play an important role in architectural debate, although perhaps less so today than in the past. Amongst other things, historical Belgian architectural journals offer an insight into past building projects and also provide details of practising architects and trendsetters, different visions of architecture and influential authors and networks. They are of priceless value today to architects, designers, students, architecture researchers, (art) historians, restorers and all those involved in the care of monuments.
Since 2008, the CVAa has coordinated a project to accurately document the holdings of now-defunct Belgian architectural journals. The project involves:

  • Compiling detailed serial number listings for all of the journals held by participating libraries
  • Noting modifications to the titles and subtitles across the life-span of the journals
  • Noting duplicate issues available for exchange
  • Arranging mutual exchanges between the active partners
  • Inputting the data into Antilope