Current projects

Since 2012, the scope of the CVAa has broadened to include not just architecture but the ‘design of the environment’, a category into which design also falls. From 2013 onwards, the CVAa has been working intensively on an integrated design-related...
Studies for furniture by Maarten Van Severen in De Zwarte Doos (c) Storm Calle
Computers play an increasingly important role in architectural practice. The number of projects that are designed digitally is escalating and, as a result, there is an urgent need to develop a strategy specifically tailored to the long-term...
CAD design (c) Crepain Binst Architecture
In 2011, the CVAa conducted exploratory research into the archives belonging to seven architecture schools in Flanders. The physical characteristics of the schools in which architects train often influence their later work.
Archive Sint-Lucasinstituut Gent, preserved by KADOC-KU Leuven
Architects, city planners and industrial designers are not the only people responsible for shaping our environment. Contractors, engineers, professional experts and suppliers, amongst others, also have an enormous impact.
Rebuilding the Sint-Jan-de-Doper church, Dranouter 1922
Journals play an important role in architectural debate, although perhaps less so today than in the past. Amongst other things, historical Belgian architectural journals offer an insight into past building projects and also provide details of...
L'Émulation, collection Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience
The archives of the ‘sociale huisvestingsmaatschappijen’ [social housing companies], SHMs for short, are an interesting type of cultural heritage. They contain unique information relating to the history of social housing construction in Belgium and...
Sint-Maartensdal Leuven (c) Anja Van Eetveldt en Maurice Nijhui
Memories of our surroundings are not just contained in books, photographs, films, models or drawings. Tales and legends, crafts and techniques and persistent, deeply entrenched cultural preferences also determine the history of the environment.
Furniture workplace Van Den Berghe-Pauvers (c) Storm Calle, De Zwarte Doos
Models are often the showpieces of architectural exhibitions. As a visual and palpable representation of the built environment they are strong communicators and appeal to a large public. Although they can never replace the real building or design,...
Exhibition renaat braem 1910 2010 (c) Photo Anja Van Eetveldt & Maurice Nyhuis (c) Model Archives d'Architecture
The 50th anniversary of the urban development law, which was passed in 1962, is the reason for a broad-based historical project around the theme of urban development that includes interviews, films, archive transfers and prospection.
Jef Cornelis (c) Argos Centrum voor Kunst en Media