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Léon Stynen, Peterpan school, Brussels, 1962-1967
Lecture and congress
07 December 2017
On Becoming a Modernist Architect
Adrian Forty concluded the first day of the Léon Stynen conference with the keynote lecture 'On Becoming a Modernist Architect'. The lecture looked...
Léon Stynen, deSingel, Antwerpen, 1960. Architectuurarchief Provincie Antwerpen
Lecture and congress
07 December 2017 to 09 December 2017
New approaches to the work of Léon Stynen and his international contemporaries
Download here the conference booklet The Architectural Archives of the Province of Antwerp and the Flanders Architecture Institute are hosting an...
Territories of faith
Lecture and congress
03 July 2017 to 04 July 2017
The research group Architectural Cultures of the Recent Past (ARP) of KU Leuven and KADOC, the Documentation and Research Centre on Religion, Culture...
Lecture and congress
06 March 2017
The joint VUB-ULB research group CHsB (Construction Histories Brussels), VUB-research team HOST (Historical Research into Urban Transformation...
Johann Erdmann Hummel, Berlin Zimmer, 1781
Lecture and congress
23 May 2016
Seeing, perceiving, viewing, envisioning: each is a form of framing that mediates between inside and outside, public and private, what is evident and...
Lecture and congress
14 April 2016
On Thursday 14th of April the joint VUB-ULB research group Brussels Construction Histories welcomes prof. Valérie Nègre to lecture (FR) about the...
Lecture and congress
03 March 201630 May 2016
A lecture series on twentieth-century architecture is organized by TSAM and Docomomo Switzerland in Lausanne. The series includes a lecture by...
Auguste Choisy, L'art de bâtir chez les Romains, 1873
Lecture and congress
22 February 2016 to 23 February 2016
On 22 and 23 February 2016 an international workshop takes place in Wassenaar (Netherlands) on the architectural canon and the role of architectural...
König Ludwig Brücke, Kempten. Foto Hilarmont
Lecture and congress
12 November 2015
On Thursday the 12th of November, ReUse welcomes professor Stefan Holzer to lecture about the design, construction, and renovation of the famous,...
Nottebohmzaal.Photo Ans Brys. Stad Antwerpen
Lecture and congress
05 November 2015
On 5 November 2015 (8 pm) professor Hélène Jannière (Université de Rennes 2) gives a talk on twentieth-century architectural periodicals in the...


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